Wholesale and Distribution


On Draft in 1/6th bbl and 1/2 bbl's. Sir Isaac, Fuzzy Haven, and Pear Affair now available in 22 fl oz bottles.

Fox-Tail Cider is available for dock sales by calling our cidery at 541-716-0093

Available in North to Central Oregon by contacting Point Blank Distributing.

Available in South Western Washington by contacting  Fox-Tail Cider.

Brand and Sales for Fox-Tail:

Michelle Wineston: michelle@foxtailcider.com

Bob Fox: manager@foxtailcider.com


Fox-Tail Cider

The Tale of Craft Hard Cider.

You can find our cider in Oregon and Washington just ask your favorite spot for Fox-Tail Cider!

(* Seasonal) (~ Distribution Variety) (= In House Variety)

~ Mora Rosa  6.5% ABV The red berry. An excellent combo of apples and raspberries. Brilliant in color and flavor. (Semi-dry)


~ Fuzzy Haven 6.2% ABV  Named for everyone's favorite peach variety the Red Haven. It has great notes and flavor of peach mixed with apples. (Dry to Semi-Dry)

~ Sir Isaac 6.2% ABV One of our flagship ciders, and now available in 22 fl oz bottles. The Sir Isaac is a well balanced cider with great notes to please traditional cider drinkers. (Semi-Dry)

* = Pollen Keeper, 5.5% ABV An aged apple cider made with honey. Great apple and sweet honey notes. A delisous beverage for those looking for a sweet side of cider. (Semi-Sweet)

= Knotty Blossom 6.5% ABV A cherry seasonal. End notes of cherry with a dry kick. Blush in color. Made from sour cherries, vanns, and skeenas. (Dry)

~ * = The CHC (Citri Hopped Cider) 6.5% ABV We are in the Northwest and we love our hops here. We wanted to create a cider that not only cider drinkers would love but also beer lovers. This cider is rich in floral notes of hops with the cider toning down the bitterness. (Dry to Semi-Dry Hop)

 = The Fox/Mill 5.5 % ABV. Our second collaboration with Mill City Brewing out of Camas WA. Made directly with their famous hefeweizen yeast. This cider has large notes of banana and citrus. (Semi-Dry)

 = Fox-Tail/Full Sail 5.0 % ABV. Our collaboration with Full Sail Brewery. Made with their yeast and our style of a Pacific Northwest Cider. Smooth and crisp in flavor with strong apple notes.

* ~ Pear Affair 5.2% ABV. One of our newest seasonal. Aged for over 7 months. Made only with Northwest pears. Crisp and sharp with a slight pear haze. (Semi-Dry)