Wholesale and Distribution


Fox-Tail Cider is available for dock sales by calling our cidery at 541-716-0093

Available in North to Central Oregon by contacting Point Blank Distributing.

Available in Western Washington by contacting Alpha Distributing.

Sales Rep for Fox-Tail: Bob Fox marketing@foxtailcider.com

The Tale of Craft Hard Cider.

You can find our cider in Oregon and Washington just ask your favorite spot for Fox-Tail Cider!

(* Seasonal) (~ Distribution Variety) (= In House Variety)


~* Rosen' Berry 6.4% ABV A beautiful beverage made with boysenberries and apples. Sweet tart that is a great spring drink best served cold. (Semi-Dry)

~ Mora Rosa  6.5% ABV The red berry. An excellent combo of apples and raspberries. Brilliant in color and flavor. (Semi-dry)


~ Fuzzy Haven 6.2% ABV  Named for everyone's favorite peach variety the Red Haven. It has great notes and flavor of peach mixed with apples. (Dry to Semi-Dry)


~ * Brierberry 6.3% ABV Created to delight most berry lovers. The Brierberry has wonderful flavors of Blackberries mixed with apples. (Dry to Semi-Dry)

~ Sir Isaac 6.2% ABV One of our flagship ciders, and now available in 22 fl oz bottles. The Sir Isaac is a well balanced cider with great notes to please traditional cider drinkers. (Semi-Dry)

* = The Plummit, 6.5% ABV A new cider infused with notes of Santa Rosa plums and Italian Prunes, along with strong notes of spices and rum. Strong at the start with an easy finish. A great choice for a summer and fall beverage. (Semi-Dry)

= The Docklands 6.9% ABV Our Irish style cider. Made with a double fermentation ending with an Irish Ale. This European style is unique and not widely known yet through the U.S. (Dry)

~ * = The IHC (Imperial Hopped Cider) 6.9% ABV We are in the Northwest and we love our hops here. We wanted to create a cider that not only cider drinkers would love but also beer lovers. This cider is rich in floral notes of hops with the cider toning down the bitterness. (Dry to Semi-Dry Hop)

 = Sweet Tooth 5.2 % ABV One of our newest additions. The Sweet Tooth is our first sweeter end cider. With notes of a sugar apples and honey. Already a hit with the customer who enjoys an American style semi-sweet hard cider.

 = Fox-Tail/Full Sail 5.0 % ABV. Our collaboration with Full Sail Brewery. Made with their yeast and our style of a Pacific Northwest Cider. Smooth and crisp in flavor with strong apple notes.

* ~ Strawberry Rheum 5.2% ABV. An apple blend with strawberries and rhubarb. Brilliant in color and taste. A seasonal for in house and distribution.



Fox-Tail Cider