Fox-Tail Cider

Nicole, Taproom Ambassador

Sarah, Brand Ambassador

Lulu, Taproom Ambassador,

Production Assistant

Ricki and Courtney, Brand Ambassadors

Michelle Wineston, Brand Manager

Office Manager: Sarah Fox
Cider Maker/Distiller: Justin Cardwell
Brothers David Fox and Bob Fox (Not pictured Randy Fox)
August Paasch in his apple packing house. 1920's
Fox-Tail Cider comes with a long history of family farming in Oregon. It all started in the late 1800's with a German immigrant who planted apple trees to export apples back to Europe.

August Paasch created the Paasch packing label for domestic and export. He continued farming with his sons into the 20th century.

Every fall August would crush up a few barrels of raw squeezed apple cider and let it naturally ferment. He was always a big hit when he'd bring the barrels back out for the New Years Eve party that following winter.

Five generations later, his Great Great Grandsons still work the land. Growing not only apples, but pears, cherries, peaches and more.

In 2009 Bob and long time friend Justin Cardwell began doing test batches of hard cider. Foreseeing that in the next few years there would be a reemergence of the cider industry. (Cider was America's drink of choice before prohibition.)

In 2013, Fox-Tail opened its doors next to Smiley's Red Barn in the heart of the fruit growing area of the valley. Now distributing throughout the Pacific Northwest, Fox-Tail Cider has only begun to tell its tale.

Our Tale...