Fox-Tail Cider

Fall is here! Our taproom is now open 7 days a week again.  

This time of the year we begin the journey of harvest! Most orchardist and farmers worked all year to get to this point when the pears and apples come off the trees and get turned into your favorite beverage!


Taproom Open 7 Days a Week


Call for more information at ​541-716-0093

What's Your Tale?


Craft Cider is made to give each batch a unique story to be shared, told, and enjoyed.



We are located in the heart of the Hood River Valley's 13,000 acres of fruit trees. Visit us at our Taproom and enjoy a little piece of the farm.



With fall almost here enjoy one of natures greatest gifts in Hard Apple Cider!

  • Pear Celebration is Sept. 17th & 18th on the Hood River Fruit Loop.
  • Harvest Fest Oct. 14-16th.
  • Heirloom Apple Days Oct. 22nd & 23rd.