We have over ten different varieties on tap. Some varieties are rotating with new unique flavors. Our ciders tend to be more traditional and not overly sweet to allow the natural flavors to emerge.

We wish you a blast in November! Our Taproom will be open for off season days and hours. Friday-Sunday 11AM-5PM.  With harvest done and our busy season slowing down we focus on making fun new varieties for everyone to try soon. We hope you have a great fall! There's still a lot going on in the fall in Hood River. Make sure to check out:

Taproom Open In November On Fri-Sun. 11am-5pm



We are located in the heart of the Hood River Valley's 13,000 acres of fruit trees. Visit us at our Taproom and enjoy a little piece of the farm.

Fox-Tail Cider

Fall is in the Air!

What's Your Tale?


Craft Cider is made to give each batch a unique story to be shared, told, and enjoyed.